Sunday, July 1, 2012

Béchelet/First proposal

During the same year of 2006, I received a visit from Béchelet, a friend of mine; a brother, a mentor who has been trying for couple years since 2004 for me to play a role in the political arena.  I would always give him the same refrain but this time he was not about to hear it.  He was accompanied by representatives from different Department and supported by other people from the West.  They were very compelling with their exposé and I was too humble to refuse and too weak to run.  As they talked, I questioned God the same way I did in 1994.  If it was God’s wishes for me to be an antagonist in Haiti’s political history, I was ready to take on the challenge and bear that flame to the highest point to bring about the change Haiti has been struggling to reach since 1804. It was almost with acquiescence I said yes to the invite if that was the wish of the people.   From that point on, an underground campaign was set in motion.

Béchelet and I have a long history together.  While he was very visible helping the Lavalas Movement and a great fan of Aristide, I was by political default doing the same thing helping the disadvantaged while working in Cite Soleil, Belair, Grande Ravine and other destitute communities in the Capital and in the provinces.  Béchelet while being a handicap, victim of political hatred never stopped fighting for the cause of the forgotten.  He was a non selfish individual giving his life and all for the cause of Aristide and most importantly for the cause of the Haitian people.  He was tireless, never complained of his physical disability while being carried, wheeled or dragged if need be.  Being the contact man for Aristide, he was very often in charge of public motivations but was also very often taken advantage by many.  He never kept a cent for himself; he always gave it all to assure the success of his political beliefs.  I wanted so badly to help him get some mobility.  I managed to get his medical record, even arranged for special surgery for him in the US but he opted to continue his fight on behalf of Aristide’s return and rejected all hopes of getting him a better life.  Today, Béchelet is as poor as he was and forgotten by all.   

Nevertheless, he was an inspiration for me and never ceased one day to urge me to go one step ahead as if I do, I could help him and so many more Haitians.

I began to be more coherent and left it all in the divine hands. 

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