Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meeting Père “Ra”

By the end of 2007, my life took on a new direction.  I started meeting people of all background and life styles with a different outlook, topic and purpose.    I was also being approached by different organizations all having one thing in common; the need for a drastic change and was I the person able to impart that change?

My time now was divided between social and political activities.  It was important that I kept the two at odds, although difficult to do, due to a certain similarity but separating the individual from the organization he represented was easy.  In essence once again I became an advocate of the people with a total different possible outcome.  As timid as I was, my popularity escalated despite the quiescence I imposed on the work of my supporters.  Now that I had a new purpose, I was forced to have at least two body guards in my company at all times which in my own way I found to be ridiculous.  To them it was maybe the lifestyle they wanted me to project but to me it was an anticipated complex of superiority that I could not bear.  Maybe it was a step that all aspiring political candidates had to go through. 

In a desperate search for transportation, a young man of a curious background offered to assist me in finding couple used automobiles.  He took me to Martissant to look at two good used cars as he so described.  The owner, an older well mannered gentleman was a bit disturbed as he without any reserves informed that he was unable to welcome anyone to his home without previously being announced.  However, there was something different about me he said that he will make an exception.  He invited me into his home, to his living room where he offered me to be as comfortable as I could be.  A bit bizarre but honored, I began to congratulate him for an impressive painting collection I could not avoid myself from noticing.  He was very tranquil and deep in his thoughts as he began sharing with me historical and mystical revelations of our native country.  When you walked through my gate he said, I had no choice but to welcome you.  You see, you have embarked in this new vision and you will have to be extremely careful he said as he leaned on his cane to weight out his words. "It will be awfully challenging for this President (Rene Preval) or the next President to be as our country will be severely hit by an earthquake or a tsunami.  You will need to start planning construction early enough in high mountains and urge people to leave the flat land areas and the capital to prevent the extermination of the lives of many thousands citizens while we will watch astounded and in fear the destruction of our institutions".  I listened to him in stillness, cold and speechless.  His mystic or psychic ability to speak with such calmness put me in touch with my inner self and I was forever convinced to purse the course I was in.  Just before I left, I asked him if I could get a photograph of us as a souvenir.  He kindly accepted but requested his picture not to reach any media or exposed to public view at any condition. 

I left dazzled and pleased as if I just met an angel with golden white beard.  It was a few minutes later while traveling in direction to Carrefour I realized that Père Ra and I never said a word about used cars.   

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