Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nothing but fear.

As I continued working in different communities in the different Departments, I began to realize that the country was contaminated with a bacterium of dependency, reinforcing an ever ending poverty with no way out. Those able to escape at the risk of losing their lives would do it without hesitation and unfortunately would perish braving the Atlantic Ocean trying desperately to reach another Caribbean island or the southern coast of the US.  Terrible choices one had to make from desperation looking for a better life and those able to leave legally would do so with a one way ticket with no special interest in the country except to financially support a family member with no other string attach. 

I could hear echoing an entreaty for me to enter the political life from the people I was serving, and who I was to even think that I could do more than what I was doing.  The struggle persisted for years despite all the requests and suggestions and one hot summer day in 2006, I grasped finally the rationale why I wanted to do nothing with politics.  It was fear and nothing but fear and in the meantime, I was seen as a valiant man bold enough to walk and work in areas fear by most.

If I was cultivating any idea to change the lives of these people with a long term outcome, certainly a more concentrated actions would have to take place to incite in all the need to alter and this change would have to start from within, starting with me.  

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