Saturday, December 27, 2014

SevitèPèpLaDepi 1994

After assessing the negative evolution of Haiti’s politics, I have decided today to clarify my position on the alarming condition of the current crisis weighing heavily on the conscience of our political actors. In the past, I have actively endorsed and publicly supported Michel Martelly during the 2011 elections as well as during the first year of his term. Nonetheless I must denounce the indisputable inefficiency during the last three years of his mandate.

By virtue of available funds and despite progress disproportionate to what has been reported by the Martelly/Lamothe government, yet another poignant observation can be made: this accumulation of excess deviations by the Martelly/ Lamothe administration has led us to today’spolitical crisis. At present, in regards to the foreboding deadline of mid-January 2015, there is a limited time to change the path of our young democracy.

Notwithstanding the maladministration of Michel Martelly, I am obliged to rebuke the Martelly government for not holding elections for four years. This stance of non-action had been supported and encouraged by his advisers as was recently made public by one of the friends of the executive power, Senator Edo Zenny.

What can we do when faced with such limited time? The Presidential Advisory Commission has done an excellent job but in regards to its proposals, I am convinced, it could have done a better job.

The immediate resolution of this critical situation has certainly not been the premature resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.  He should have provided a verifiable report of his administrative management, and he will inevitably have to provide one in the near future. The resolution of this crisis is not in the resignation of Mr. Arnel Alexis, Chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice.  Although we seem to refuse to admit it, the problem lies in the inevitable obsolescence of the republican institutions and more specifically the Parliament that must at all costs be avoided.

In addition to the suggestions of several sound politicians, I propose the following:

1-      Promulgate a national consciousness with one common interest: Haiti. Not only to say it but also to apply it in all domains whether public or private.

2-      Agree not to repeat the disastrous mistakes of the past that have contributed to our country’s present delay in development.

3-      Avoid using certain derogatory terms and be prepared to make important decisions outside the constitution that are imposed to us by the actual circumstances. Such decisions should be taken by parliamentarians regardless of their political convictions for the sole purpose of safeguarding the republic.

4-      Avoid partisanship absolutely and address the issue of the President’s resignation in political negotiations.

5-      Establish functional and impartial control tags. Reject the resignation en masse of CEP members. This will optimize the administration’s use of time instead of eternal renewal process and inter-institutional recommendations.

6-      The Chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice, Mr. Arnel Alexis, will take steps to strengthen certain administrative matters and will take a proactive and public position with the other two branches (the parliament and the executive) in order to ensure the electoral process and to advance the equitable formation of a new government.

7-      Continue without further delay in the identification and release of all political prisoners. In this process, President Michel Martelly in consultation with Mr. Arnel Alexis will ensure that no criminal is identified and released as a "Political Prisoner".

8-      The President of the Republic must take all necessary steps to work with the judicial and legislative powers and encourage ongoing dialogue with the opposition.

9-      The opposition will do the same with the executive and will uniquely mobilize (just like all other political entities) in the preparation of the next elections.

10-   Encourage the political parties and political platforms not to engage in collated struggles that will come to nothing other thana civil war causing inevitable and unwarranted loss of innocent victims and collateral damage.

11-   The Haitian people will remain alert and will adopt new principles in their choice of candidates. The people will avoid repeating the same mistakes of past elections and will no longer allow themselves to be influenced by impulsive and baseless promises from candidates.

Haiti will soon come upon its 412th year in the wilderness of unhealthiness and poverty, class differences and religions in search of spiritual liberation,developmental and socioeconomic explosion. We cannot give ourselves the leisure not to be united and ignore this prophecy that shines above us. It is time that we become aware of ourselves as free people aspiring to a better future for ourselves and our children. Overall, I am sure we can ultimately change the face of Haiti. If not, Haiti will change without us and against us at the cost of the destruction of our people.

My Haitian brothers, let’s take our destiny in hand, and let’s claim our royalty.  May the Most High bless Haiti and may the world recognize our sovereignty.




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